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  • How does online coaching work?
    • Initial consultation to set goals and understand your context • A training plan is sent directly to your smartwatch or smart goggles • You receive immediate feedback. In our weekly video call, we will review your technique with feedback (applies to the Deep End Program). The training plan will be adapted accordingly • We continue this process until the goals discussed in the initial consultation are achieved
  • What is the difference between each plan?
    • Floaties - This plan is for anyone that has a training program, coach, or team. However, they want to improve their technique, speed, endurance, etc. This plan supports a program that is already in place. “I have outside support, so I do not need a coach, but I am looking for tips and tricks to improve. I am looking to dip my toes in the water.” • Shallow End - This plan is created for someone who has previous experience as a swimmer and needs support with a training program. It is also for someone who does not have experience in swimming but is looking for a “hands-off” coach. This person likes to get in a lane and experiment with technique and training. “I have some support from a coach or my experience as a swimmer, but I am looking for some supplemental lessons and training to support what I already have going on. I am looking to go waist-deep in the water.” • Deep End - This plan is for someone who has specific goals, ranging from learning how to complete a swim workout to competing in the Ironman. “I am ready to go all-in with the private coaching experience. I have a race that I am training for, or I want to become comfortable in the water. I am looking to dive head first into the water.”
  • What are the benefits of Stroke Analysis?
    • It helps with your overall speed and endurance. Many swimmers reach a point where their times stop improving. Sometimes this is due to improper technique. If you have been swimming for a while and are not seeing improvement, a Stoke Analysis can help you get to where you want to be. • This is a tool used by coaches all over the world. It shifts the focus from the endurance and strength aspects of training, allowing the swimmer to pay attention to the specifics of their stroke. • It focuses on your stroke. Most swimming tips or “how to improve your stroke” videos are generalized instructions. A stroke analysis is specific to your stroke. As your coach, I can prescribe drills and cues to fix your stroke. Swimmers enrolled in my Shallow End and Deep End programs will have these drills incorporated into their customized training plans.
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