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Growing up in a family of swimmers, most of my life has been in the water. Whether it was a practice at five in the morning or the long days spent at the pool for a swim meet, my parents could not keep us out of the water. The few times of the year that we were not at practice or a swim meet, we spent our time at the beach. I remember feeling rebellious because every summer, my friends and I would skip an afternoon practice to swim at the beach for the day.


From seven years old, I dreamed of competing at Olympic Trials like most swimmers. After some injuries in high school, I recalibrated my goal. I shifted my focus to swimming for a university that would make a better swimmer and prepare me for life after swimming.


My parents' Alma Mater, the University of Pittsburgh, recruited me. Because of a hard-working coach and supportive teammates, I was a 3-time National Championship, an All-American, and a 4-time school record holder.


About fifteen years and 50,000 miles swam later, I competed at the 2016 Olympic Trials in the 800 m Freestyle. What I thought was the end to a very fulfilling relationship with swimming.


Although I have retired from competitive swimming, the water has pulled me back. I was a volunteer Assistant Coach at Carnegie Mellon University, an age group coach for Smash Club in Egypt, and the Head Coach for the Middle and High School teams at the American International School in Egypt.


While coaching and working with these swimmers have been fun, joining them for races at the end of training reignited my competitive nature and love of swimming. I trained for several months to compete in the Oceanman Open Water 5k in the Red Sea and won First Place.


Not all swimmers have the same goals, but we share a love for the water. My goals as your coach are to help you dream of what you can achieve in the pool or sea, help those dreams become a reality, and foster a love of the water while doing it.

Water is in my soul. I want to help you experience the freedom of gliding through the water and the power that comes with confidence in the water.

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